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  1. 沙漏中的沙流得如此之快,你却还在游戏人生。

  Hourglass in the sand flow out so fast, You are still in the game of life.

  2. 说明:模拟人生嘉年华丰收,爆炸-从创作者的西姆斯来拍摄-在后续的嘉年华游戏,将会有您爆破离开小时!

  Description: The Sims carnival bumper blast - From the creators of The Sims comes a shoot-em-up carnival game that will have you blasting away for hours!

  3. 这不是一个游戏,这是我的人生。

  This is not a game, this is my life.

  4. 痤疮严重的,可以要求医生上门服务,但对于轻度至中度痤疮,zeno的痤疮清除装置,可适当工具,可以帮助你感觉更好周报把你最好面对前进,回到游戏人生-应力释放。

  Serious acne may require a doctor`s visit, but for mild to moderate acne, the Zeno Acne Clearing Device may be the right tool to help you feel better about yourself, put your best face forward, and get back into the game of life – stress free.

  5. 人生是一场游戏,玩好它。

  Life is a puzzle—solve it.

  6. 有一游戏叫做虚拟人生。

  There is a game named virtual life.

  7. 人生也不是一场拼字游戏比赛。不管你拼出多少单词,一旦出现了一个错误,你便前功尽弃。

  Life is not a spelling bee, where no matter how many words you`ve gotten right.

  8. 工作与爱情在周三到周五处于上升期,成功的秘诀是游戏人生。

  Be proactive about de-stressing and keeping a humane schedule.

  9. 分析认为学前教育专业学生的数字化生活方式具有如下特点:(1)数字化产品更多地被用之于休闲娱乐生活;(2)网购还只是少数人行为,尚未普及;(3)注重数字化产品对课堂教学的帮助;(4)使用电脑比使用手机早,且年级越低,使用数字化产品的时间越早;(5)不存在沉迷于网络游戏的现象;(6)大多数被试的人生信条都体现着快乐这一主题。

  Analysis suggested that the digital life style among pre-professional students has the following characteristics:(1) digital products to be more used in leisure and entertainment life; (2) Internet Shopping is accepted by only a small number of people, have not yet universal; (3) focus on the benefit on the teaching bring by digital products; (4) use computers earlier than use mobile phones, and the lower grades, the earlier students use digital product; (5) does not exist the situation that indulging in online games; (6) most of the life credos reflect the theme of happy.

  10. 草坪上玩游戏,人生-您得到当你把一辆越野行了清道夫猎老故事和家庭各种困惑?

  Playing Lawn Games for Life - What do you get when you combine a cross-country trip with a scavenger hunt, old family stories and a variety of puzzles?

  11. 911查询·英语单词

  11. 知足者长乐,人生得道,得助,得爱才是真谛,主要是知道自己在做什么,在追求什么,在这里不是金钱,那是游戏发行者的事,王佳音我们主要是享受游戏带来的快乐和萧洒,做自己应该做的事吧!!!!!!

  Contentment are Changle, life, enlightenment, may help get the true meaning of love is mainly know what they are doing, in the pursuit of what here is not money, it is the game publishers, we are mainly brought about by the enjoyment of the game萧洒happy and to do what it should do it!!!!!!

  12. 我的名字是……,我的爱好有看书,游戏,不过我最喜欢的是游泳。能够去世界各地参观是我人生的梦想,这也是我一无反故选择做海员的一个很重要的原因。

  I am always dreaming about travelling all over the world, and thats also one of the most critical reasons why Im so determined to become a seaman with any hestitation.

  13. 啤酒和游戏不是全部的人生。

  Life is not all beer and skittle.

  14. 这种颠覆中的游戏精神,最终还体现了作家本人对生活的高度的严肃性,它是一种对人生悲剧性存在的反抗。

  The playful spirit of the subversion presents a highly solemnity of the author and it is a revolt to the tragic existence of the life.

  15. 911查询·英语单词

  15. 什么时候才能结束这种踢皮球游戏,肩负起你人生新篇章的责任呢?

  When does the blaming end and taking responsibility for your own life start?

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  16. 大量的研究结果表明,暴力游戏即使不会使玩家有暴力的行为,也会让他们产生暴力的想法,覃新赏游戏人生。

  There is a body of research suggesting that violent games can lead to aggressive thoughts, if not to violence itself.

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  17. 小小的车厢里浓缩了真实的百态人生,翻书背题的学生、打游戏机的时髦青年、买菜的老太太、打瞌睡的新市民、补妆的哈韩美女,还有啃面包的时尚白领……来自社会各个阶层的他们在这里汇合,又从这里各奔东西。

  People from every class and level gather in the buses and go everywhere in them. of the new area and appreciating the elegance of the old area.

  18. 有意义的生命就是死而无憾的生命,死而无憾是人生的前游戏目标,也是海德格所称的本真的存在以及尼采所认为的超人的生命,人生必定存在工作与游戏,工作为了生存,生存则为了享乐,能够成为终极献身的方法就是可以得到乐趣的方法,有意义的人生就是享乐的人生,为了享受人生可以藉由改变外在环境,也就是创造游戏的环境,或改变自己的心态,感受事物中的乐趣来达成。

  And he realizes the ultimate reality of life by this. The meaningful life is the life without pity. The life without pity is the prelusory goal of life, the authentic existence said by Martin Heidegger and the life of superman said by Friendrich Nietzsche. The life cotains works and games. People work for existence and exist for pleasure. The ways of the ultimate devotion are the ways to get pleasure. The meaningful life is the life with pleasur. We can enjoy our life by changing conditions to create a game or changing our minds to feel the pleasure from affairs.

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  19. 很满意/很不错/一般/不如以前/提交/查看游戏论坛/库存需求登记/留言反馈关于我们联系我们法律声明 FF11代练服务收购游戏币我的账户游戏列表我想买客服中心联系我们游戏论谈留言反馈业内资讯关于我们法律声明账号登记 CDKEY 游戏人生 map 客服热线电话客服部门:CDKEY销售:常见问题回答发送电子邮件给我们的客服会员注册注:您的个人信息用户名:密码:(密码必须多于6位,不能含有空格)*重复密码:*密码提示问题:(忘记密码的提示问题,如妈妈的名字)问题答案:(忘记密码的提示问题答案,用于取回密码)真实姓名:电子信箱:*联系电话:*手机号码:QQ:MSN:收款方式:支付宝帐号和银行帐号必填其一。

  Be satisfied with very much/very good/general/not equal to past/hand over/look into The game forum/stock need registers/leave a message feedback Concerning we contact us the law declare the FF11 generation practice a service to procure game currency My account game row watch I want buy customer service center contact us the game theory talk message feedback information inside the industry concerning we the law declare numbered account register CDKEY game life map Service hot line service section: CDKEY sale: The familiar problem answer sends out an E-mail to our services The member registers Note:One of your information(take*number of for fill an item necessarily) Users name: Password:(Password have to more than 6, cant imply blank space)* Repeated password:* Password hint problem:(Forget the hint problem of password, such as the mothers name) Problem answer:(Forget the hint problem of password answer, used for taking back a password) True name: Electronics mailbox:* Contact a telephone:* Cellular phone number: QQ: MSN: Accept a payment method: Pay treasure account number and bank account number to fill it necessarily a.

  20. 我对在没有日程系统的SECOND LIFE(国外热门的关于虚拟人生的网络游戏)中时间是如何被消磨掉的很感兴趣。

  Im intrigued about how time gets consumed in Second Life, which has no calendaring system.